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Management: Development+Construction


Land Direction is a Texas-based firm that provides asset management and construction services for traditional income- and non-income-producing properties, as well as a variety of foreclosed properties on behalf of financial institutions. Our firm holds a professional construction engineering license with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. Our team’s professional experience and devotion in multiple real estate disciplines helps us effectively manage, identify, and capitalize on many typical and nontraditional value-adding endeavors, thus allowing us to take advantage of opportunities that are not initially sought or exposed. We strive to understand everyone’s objectives and constraints, fully understand how each microscopic detail or variable affects the entire project, ensure all benchmarks are met and exceeded, capitalize on all worthy opportunities, and most importantly, help our clients obtain the most attractive returns on their investment. Through our founding principles: Accountability, Commitment, Excellence, Integrity, Transparency, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurship; our team is devoted and motivated towards each project’s success while maintaining the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

Management: Development+Construction

Land Direction understands that real estate value is usually created in the form of efficient management, operational improvements, entitlements, new infrastructure, and effective marketing. Historically, our team  has excelled in stabilization, restructures, entitlements, alternative financing (bonds), public grants, construction, and sales to end users of many properties, primarily multi-family developments, master-planned communities, and mixed- use sites. The following is a list of items we have experienced on past projects:

•    Asset stabilization and restructure planning
•    Creating and managing a qualified development team (legal counsel, engineers, consultants, etc.)
•    Collateral and asset analysis
•    Gathering asset documents from borrowers prior to foreclosure
•    Preparing business models and budgets
•    Facilitating project entitlements
•    Zoning modifications and land planning
•    Project budgeting and scheduling
•    Negotiating development agreements with public and private entities
•    Creating special districts for financing alternatives
•    Creating disposition options, including equity and debt
•    Owner representation

Land Direction also provides complete construction management services. Our firm is registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers; therefore, it is licensed to design, direct, oversee, and inspect construction projects. In addition, our team has built many projects in Texas, both as an owner and contractor, so we know the importance of working diligently in the planning stages to provide accurate budgets and timelines, and value engineering. These distinctions, along with our professional expertise, allow us to offer a higher level of oversight not typically provided by other companies. Our goal is to fully understand everyone’s goals and constraints, diligently review the scope of work, solve project variables, provide value-engineering options, and ultimately produce an all- inclusive construction project. Ultimately, these measures provide our clients with an additional level of professional service and another blanket of security for their assets or collateral. The following is a list of  construction management services we have performed:

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